Polish Culture & Language Minor

Minor Requirements

  • 5 Courses
    • 3 courses at the 200-level or above
      • Regional courses focusing on East/Central Europe and Polish/Russian comparisons count towards the minor; these courses may be listed under Slavic & Eurasian Studies (SES) or Russian (RUSSIAN).
    • 2 Polish Language courses

Approved Courses Listing

  • POLISH 203 - Intermediate Polish
  • POLISH 204 - Intermediate Polish
  • POLISH 288S - Trauma and Nostalgia: East European Film in the 21st Century
  • POLISH 298S - Revealing Histories: Polish Cinema
  • POLISH 301S - Contemporary Polish Composition and Readings
  • POLISH 302S - Contemporary Polish Composition and Readings
  • POLISH 308S - Fragmented Memories: Polish and Polish Jewish Culture Through Film.
  • SES 240S - Around the Bloc: Cold War Culture in the USSR and Eastern Europe
  • SES 386S - Borderland and Battleground: A Journey Through Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe
  • SES 372S - The Frontiers and Minorities of the Tsarist and Soviet Empires
  • SES 423S - City Stops Between Europe and Asia: From Prague to Kabul
  • RUSSIAN 211S - The Empire's Western Front: Russian and Polish Cultures
  • RUSSIAN 350 - Eastern Europe in Transition: Markets, Media and the Mafia