Russian Major

Our Russian major features areas of specialization such as nineteenth-, twentieth-, and twenty-first century Russian and Soviet literature, gender studies, film and media, legal and business Russian language, translation, Slavic linguistics, contemporary Russian literature, scientific and scholarly Russian language, stylistics, and history of the Russian literary language. Other languages regularly offered through the Slavic department are Polish, Turkish, and Romanian. We also occasionally offer language courses in Ukrainian, Hungarian, and Georgian.

We offer Russian language courses from the introductory through the most advanced levels. We encourages language proficiency through five-skill courses: reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension, and culture acquisition.


10 courses in the department, 8 of which must be at the 200 level or above.

  • RUSSIAN 203 - Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSSIAN 204 - Intermediate Russian II
  • RUSSIAN 301S - Contemporary  Russian Composition and Readings
  • RUSSIAN 302S - Contemporary Russian Composition and Readings
  • RUSSIAN 401 - Advanced Russian
  • RUSSIAN 402 - Advanced Russian: Readings, Translation and Syntax
  • 4 courses, of which at least 3 primarily focus on works of Russian culture (oral and written poetry and prose, drama, music, film, visual arts).
    • We encourage students to consider course work that would include at least one 500-level course.


Students are encouraged to study abroad in a country that is related to the geographical area covered by the major. Our department is directly involved in several semester and summer programs, providing you with a lot of flexibility in when and where to study. Courses taken abroad in a Duke-administered or Duke-approved program can fulfill the FL requirement for graduation.