October 19th Noon talk by Prof. Jehanne Gheith - From Russia to Hospice: Holding Stories at the End of Life at Smith Warehouse

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Talk by Prof. Jehanne Gheith - Wednesday, October 19 from noon to 1:00 pm - C106, Bay 4, Smith Warehouse

What is possible when we acknowleedge how much stories matter; that we are all storytellers and storybearers across many facets of our lives? Jehanne M. Gheith, an Associate Professor in the Slavic Department and in the Program in Eduation and a clinical social worker with Duke Hospice, will offer an interactive talk focused on how well we tell stories, when stories tell us, and how we can strengthen our storytelling skills through conscious attention to listening.  In the words of essayist Rebecca Solnit, "The task of learning to be free requires listeing to hear [stories], to question them, to pause and hear silence, to name them and to become the story teller."  We will focus together on how we make meaning through stories at critical, difficult points in our lives and consider new possibilities about how to do this. 

Presented by Duke Story Lab as part of its series on Scholars and Storytelling